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A site dedicated to the serious study of anomalous phenomenon with the aim of collecting, documenting and analysing data so as to form logical conclusions and identify the true cause.

Ghost Research International provides support for people who experience ghostly encounters and also to those who investigate them. The website has various resources available so look around, have a chat, watch some Live TV and let us know what you think! You may also like to join the GRI Forum which is the main area of interaction between the team, world wide affiliates and anyone interested in the paranormal covering equipment and modifications, research, locations, theories, articles and more!

Our Philosophy

We approach each case with the view of rationalising the results. We do not assume the existence or non-existence of ghosts and prefer to base our results on the facts at hand, often taking on both roles of "believer" and "skeptic" in an effort to examine data from all angles. Having said that many members of the team have had experiences which cannot readily be explained, experiences which have led to their interest in the subject. We record all results, whether considered normal or abnormal, in order to present an unbiased view.

Whether caused by incorrect interpretation of environmental conditions such as infrasound, carbon monoxide poisoning, changes in barometric pressure and electromagnetic fields or indeed are paranormal events, it can be said that many witnesses have indeed experienced "something". We examine as much data as we can and search for any clues which may assist to provide answers. Events have been reported throughout history and we believe this is cause enough for research to be conducted to try and determine the true origins of those events be they natural or supernatural ... as our motto says it's "time to get serious!"


Being based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Ghost Research International is available to investigate occurrences nationally and if circumstances allow, internationally. Affiliates may also be called upon to carry out investigations should the team be unavailable.

Each investigation is conducted in a manner agreed upon with the client, addressing any concerns such as privacy, safety and security. Adherence to the wishes of the client is paramount in every case. Clients are not charged for investigations.

Investigations may result from us contacting a potential client or if the client requests an investigation.