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Aradale Asylum

Kitchen/Dining Area

16th August 2008

Aradale Asylum was built on a hill overlooking Ararat, Victoria and at one time employed over 500 staff. The facility was virtually a town within a town and contained 63 buildings. Construction commenced in 1860 and patients were received from around 1865 onwards. Many buildings are as they were left when the majority of the site closed in 1993. The Forensic Centre, which opened in 1991, housed up to 12 patients declared criminally insane and continued to operate until 1997.

The August 2008 visit was primarily an orientation visit to determine areas for further study. We also invited some prospective team members as well as GRI affiliate team Oceanic Ghost Research to assist in assessing the site.

The team set up monitoring equipment to cover the main kitchen/dining building whist we reviewed other areas for future study. Nothing unusual was recorded on any instruments other than unexplained movement indicated by a PIR sensor at one location. Noises were heard in the upstairs area but wind/possums could not be eliminated as a possible cause. At one point a reel of cable fell from the control desk when no one was around, unfortunately this was not recorded on any of the 6 DVR cameras in operation. A few devices had battery failure, later being restored when leaving the area.

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Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure and Dew point were monitored for over 11 hours during the investigation and no abnormalities were detected. The night was also timed to match a total lunar eclipse which occurred in the early hours in order to monitor any change in reported activity - this did not appear to have an impact.
Aradale TempAradale HumidityAradale Pressure

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