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Burswood Portland Victoria

4th October 2008

"Burswood" was the home of Victoria's first permanent white settler, Edward Henty. It is set amongst magnificent gardens and is listed on the Register of the National Estate (21/03/1978 3854 2/02/142/0002). Over 330 species of plants occupy the 12-acre gardens which includes a geometric rose garden. The house was built in 1853, 19 years after Edward first established a settlement in Victoria.

Folklore tells of the ghost of a young girl who died after falling from a Moreton Bay fig tree which still stands on the premises. The ghost of an older woman has also been reported, however most reports date back sometime and there doesn't seem to be any recent reports of activity.

The team is grateful for the support of Tech Rentals who provided additional equipment for the night and also current owners Carol and Ken for their hospitality during our visit.

Burswood Thermal Burswood mist
The investigation also provided the opportunity to evaluate the FLIR InfraCAM thermal imaging camera. Initial items to be examined in the report include a tapping noise next to one team member during a vigil and an image taken in the driveway upon leaving (above).

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The official rating of the investigation was "inconclusive".
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