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Coach & Horses Inn Clarkefield

Ghost Melbourne - Clarkefield INVESTIGATION OF THE COACH & HORSES INN June 2007

The Coach & Horses Inn located in Clarkefield Victoria has been referred to as Australia's most haunted hotel. During our investigation in June 2007 the site seemed relatively quiet when compared to earlier historical reports, however the ratings of some events experienced during the teams visit suggest that there are still indications of possible activity.

The team took over 350 digital and film photographs and over 22 hours of video footage recording trigger item movement, unusual PIR detector activations and camcorder interference.

Below are some images captured during the investigation, further information and analysis of these images can be found in the Investigation Report (links at base of this page).

Ghost Melbourne - Photo 1
"Orb like objects" captured on the Inn's infamous stairs, upon which there were previous reports of people being pushed by "unseen forces".

Ghost Melbourne - Photo 2

A picture taken in one of the upstairs rooms revealing an unusual image on a wardrobe.

Further examination of this image is contained in the investigation report.

One of the sites owners have since reported witnessing movement of the bed covers in this room as if someone had sat on the bed.

Ghost Melbourne - Photo 3

A mysterious mist captured in the outside courtyard area.

No one was smoking at the time and images taken a few seconds before and after reveal nothing. The apparent circular shape and lack of a dispersed "cloud like" appearance are particularly interesting.

Below is a short video containing excerpts from DVR and night vision camcorder footage taken during the investigation. The video is a compressed version to minimise download time and was shot in darkness.

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