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KII EMF Meter Modification

K-II meter modificationThe KII EMF Meter is a hand held meter brought out by KII Enterprises. It has a press down button to activate it and it requires this to be held down to monitor readings. This modification adds a switch to the circuit which produces the same effect as if the button was held down.

Other possible modifications would be to add an output jack and digital meter to the KII - this is looked at in the Trifield Natural EM Meter Modification and specifics given in the tech bench board on the GRI Forum.

K-II meter modification
K-II output being logged along with Magnetic Field, Temperature and light intensity.

First a little background on the KII meter. It has 5 lights which indicate the level of EMF:
Green - Always on indicating battery OK and a "normal" level of 0 to 1.5 milliGauss
Green - "Low" 1.5 to 2.5 milliGauss
Yellow - "Caution" 2.5 to 10 milliGauss
Orange - "High" 10 to 20 milliGauss
Red - "Warning" 20+ milliGauss

Frequencies detected are 50/60Hz (50-1000Hz - ELF) (1000-20,000Hz - VLF), Accuracy 5% (typical).

The KII differs from many other low cost meters in that it not only measures the Electro Magnetic Field in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range, but also the Very Low Frequency (VLF) range. The ELF range which is generally termed to be between 3-3,000Hz borders on DC as well as AC.

Higher priced meters such as the The Tri-Field Natural EM meter are designed to be able to operate exclusively in the natural DC range which is from 0-3Hz (Sub Extremely Low Frequency - SELF) and includes the frequencies of humans and the earth itself.

When the meter is initially turned on it gives a full scale reading and then a half scale to indicate it's powered up. It then returns a normal reading with one green LED illuminated - indicating 0-1.5mG. Any disturbance will now be indicated by the meter. If the finger is lifted the single LED will extinguish indicating the unit is off.

The benefit of the modification is obvious and rules out the possibility of human intervention (accidental or otherwise) with the meter's original momentary switch. Such intervention can be noticed by the first light (green) going out before a "spike" occurs - this single light should always be on indicating the unit is powered up.

The following pics display the modification and the finished switch in place. The modification is fairly self explanatory and note that the original switch still works as previous. Test the switch and connection points before soldering into place and ensure nothing is touching other components on reassembly. As with any such modification it will likely void any warranty and care should be taken to ensure correct connections are made and no damage is done to other components - basically it's purely at your own risk. We have modified our K-II (pictured) and it works great, but cannot warrant attempts at the same will be successful.

This modification is provided with the intention of allowing all groups to improve the quality of results obtained with the K-II Meter. We do ask that if you do find this useful please provide a link back to this page and allow others the same opportunity. Further information/discussion may be found in the Tech Bench board of the GRI Forum.

K-II meter modification