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Old Geelong Gaol

Ghost Melbourne - Old Geelong Gaol INVESTIGATION OF THE OLD GEELONG GAOL - June 2007

The Old Geelong Gaol located in Geelong Victoria is 75km South West of Melbourne. It was first used around 1853 and has served as an industrial school for girls, a hospital gaol, army detention barracks and a training prison. It ceased service in 1991 when it was known as HM Prison Geelong and now stands virtually as it was upon closure, with 3 levels and around 100 cells.

The team reported "orb like objects, a mist, PIR movement detection, temperature fluctuations, camera malfunctions, scraping and banging sounds" in the areas of the infirmary (Level 2) and the kitchen (Level 1).

Below are some images captured during the investigation, further information and analysis of these images can be found in the Investigation Report (link at base of this page).

Ghost Melbourne - Old Geelong Gaol Ghost Melbourne - Old Geelong Gaol Ghost Melbourne - Old Geelong Gaol Ghost Melbourne - Old Geelong Gaol
Ghost Melbourne - Old Geelong Gaol
Many orbs were recorded in the infirmary area on the second level, together with a rustling/scraping type sound and a slight mist in the smaller room near the entrance. The area was also monitored by two DVR cameras and a night vision camcorder.

Orbs are often considered inconclusive unless they are accompanied by additional data which provides enough supportive evidence to rule out all natural causes.

Through the years this area of the gaol served as the tailoring workshop, hospital and chapel. Being part of the Southern wing it was used to provide services to the prisoners who occupied the East and West wings.

Below is a short video containing excerpts from DVR footage showing some "orb like objects" captured under infrared, red and ultraviolet light in the infirmary. Like most "orb" images the possibility of these being dust or bugs cannot be ruled out and so they are rated inconclusive at best.

There were a few events considered unusual including those in one area during the final vigil which included a temperature fluctuation of 7 degrees, multiple cameras with known good batteries failing, repeated unexplained PIR movement detections and EMF spikes. These all returned to normal almost simultaneously. This sequence of events led to a rating of "indications of possible activity".

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