The TAPS Family

GRI are proud members of the TAPS family network. The official family of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, makers of the SciFi series GhostHunters.

There seems to be some confusion and misconceptions about the TAPS Family, so this page was constructed to provide some additional information which may be of assistance.

Firstly the primary mission of the TAPS Family is "to assist clients who believe they are having problems with the paranormal and to facilitate the exchange of information and techniques between credible paranormal investigation groups."

As the show "Ghosthunters" and The Atlantic Paranormal Society grew in popularity the influx of enquiries from the public grew enormously. A network of credible groups was created in order to cope with the influx, and to provide a means to ensure quality client assistance could be available. The TAPS Family network now has over 100 groups in locations around the world and continues to grow.

It must be stressed that such groups operate independently, often having little or no connection with the T.A.P.S. team, the show "Ghosthunters", their methods or protocols. TAPS Family Members do not pay for membership and are not directed as to how they must conduct investigations, other than to be a credible investigation group and be heavily focused on providing high quality assistance to clients who may not be charged for such assistance.

TAPS Family Members ("TFMs") are in regular contact with each other and clients often benefit as data can be examined across the many groups around the world with varying opinions and levels of expertise. The vast number of individuals involved inherently bring a range of opinions, belief systems, methods and protocols into play and while agreement is not always forthcoming it definitely assists in looking at data from all angles.

So the TAPS Family works to fulfil it's primary mission of providing assistance to clients and allowing the exchange of information between various groups. It is not responsible for what may appear on shows such as "Ghost Hunters" or "Ghost Hunters International" and contacting members does not mean that Jay, Grant or Steve will show up to assist or that the case will be shown on TV!

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