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Ghost Research International actively promotes groups working together in the interest
of better research. There is a lot of time wasted on trying to establish which group is best and
which is worst, rather than concentrating on the research at hand - the whole situation leaving
a bad impression on the public of all investigative groups. For this reason we are keen to
work together with like minded groups whenever possible and devised the affiliate program to
You'll find information on how to apply at the base of this page.

The affiliate network consists of a number of independent groups from around the world interested in working together - sharing ideas and resources. This greatly benefits everyone concerned as well as the quality of research. Each affiliated group consists of a number of members, each with their own special skills and talents. Client's may also benefit by having a GRI Affiliate group research their case as the affiliate may choose to ask for opinions from the entire network - potentially having 1,000's of paranormal researchers utilising various skills and techniques to provide feedback.

Affiliates may also give and receive case referrals for cases they hear about which are out of their area or cannot attend to due to case load. Joint investigations are also possible as some investigations may benefit having multiple teams on site. Operating together in this way benefits all parties, but most of all promotes a higher quality of research. Affiliates are also given access to the Haunted Map and the Affiliate sections of the forum. The forum provides communication between groups as well as the public. Some affiliated organisations are given below.

We have multiple cases in areas currently not being covered - If you are a serious group register today!

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Ghost Research International are proud members of International Paranormal Investigators and IPI representatives for Australia.

GRI are proud members of the TAPS family network. The official family of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, makers of the SciFi series GhostHunters.
More information on the TAPS Family

America (USA)

The American Association of Paranormal Investigators is a non-profit organisation devoted to the scientific method in documentation of paranormal phenomena.

LVPI was formed in 2004 to educate and help the people of the Las Vegas valley understand paranormal activity. LVPI does not charge for investigations.

New England Paranormal Video Research Group (NEPVRG) based in Connecticut, USA is one of the most respected groups on America's Eastern Seaboard.

Paranormal Studies of Arkansas is located in Arkansas, United States. They look for Environmental Patterns that coexist with and/or cause Paranormal Events.

Formed in 1999, Mid-atlantic Paranormal specialize in the investigation of military sites in the US and Europe. Focus is on the history and paranormal activity.

Located in Decatur, Illinois, NAPR strive for knowledge of the supernatural and provide that knowledge to those who wish to learn more.

Based in Norwich Connecticut, the South Eastern CT Paranormal Society states their mission is to diligently and methodically search for the truth.

LPI is based in Louisville Kentucky and is a team dedicated to finding the truth using tools and techniques in both the living and spiritual realms.

CAPER is a research group based in Cincinnati Ohio dedicated to the scientific study of all forms of the paranormal.

Based in Kentucky USA, The Paranormal Realm is dedicated to researching paranormal phenomenon through the use of various techniques and equipment.

Based in Virginia USA, Virginia Paranormal is a group of experienced investigators pursuing the age old question, "Are there such things as ghosts?".

Based in North Carolina USA, South East Paranormal Investigators Association is dedicated to obtaining evidence of the supernatural for scientific purposes.

A faith based team located in Plant City, Florida U.S.A. that provides free, confidential investigations anywhere in the state of Florida.

Crossroads Paranormal is an exclusive group of seasoned paranormal investigators based in Indiana, they also run Crossroads Paranormal Radio.

Based in Ohio C.O.G.S are not out to validate a Haunting, but, rather to disprove a ghost story, urban legend, folk lore, or a local myth.

Quabbin Valley Paranormal were formed in 2007 and cover the New England, Massachusetts area and are members of the TAPS Family.

The West Texas Paranormal Investigations Society is located in Lubbock, Texas and aim to help bring the paranormal into the mainstream of Scientific thought.

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina WSPS are a non profit group who use a scientific approach on gathering data in
our research of the paranormal.

SIGNS of the Ozarks are based in Fayetteville, Arkansas and formed in
1997. They are a Paranormal & Supernatural Research and Studies Group.

FPR conducts research in Florida and the southeastern United States. The White Noise Forum is their Official Forum where you become part of the investigation.

Based in Lexington, North Carolina the GHRPI also examines the significance of spiritual connections beyond our plain of existence.

Missouri State Paranormal Investigators
are a small scientific based paranormal investigation team located in New Haven, Missouri.

A group located in Houston, Texas that attempts to help the community
understand and deal with the paranormal and remove the fear of ghosts.

Perry Hall Paranormal Research Society
are based in Maryland and use a collective
and collaborative approach to the study of
the paranormal.

The Northeast Spectral Science Society
is a paranormal research group based in
Massachusetts, USA, and travel extensively
throughout the New England area.

The Central Ohio Paranormal Society are
based in Columbus Ohio USA and were
founded in 2004. Over 35 years combined
experience and TAPS Family Members.

Based in Pennsylvania USA, NEPA
Paranormal are a hard working group
who assist people in dealing with
paranormal problems free of charge.

Based in Portland Oregon, PRIP are a
non-profit group with a skeptical
approach to research presenting clients
with all findings - paranormal or not.

A non-profit group based in Lancaster,
Ohio primarily covering the central and
southern Ohio region and further as
as needed.

Based in Vermont USA, Green Mountain
Paranormal handle cases in Vermont,
New Hampshire, Massachusetts
and Connecticut.

The West Virginia Paranormal Society
formed in 2004 and primarily serve
the greater Wheeling, W.V. area, but
occasionally travel further afield.

Highland Ghost Hunters of Michigan
formed in 2005 and are based in
Oakland County, Michigan. They
search for true hard evidence.

Team Phenomenon is a South Florida
based group founded in early 2008.
They investigate free of charge
for those requiring assistance.

Emerald Valley Paranormal are based
in Junction City, Oregon, USA.
They formed in 2007 to examine
claims of paranormal activity.

Based in San Diego California,
Pacific Paranormal Investigators
formed in 2005 and are dedicated
TAPS Family Members.

Based in Nampa Idaho, The International
Paranormal Reporting Group are TAPS
Family Members and assist clients
free of charge in a professional manner.

Based in Murray, Kentucky, USA
W.I.S.P. are also head reps for
I.P.I. covering Kentucky, Tennessee,
Mississippi, and Alabama.

Based in Sacramento, California, API is a
non-profit 501(c)3 organization, I.P.I. and
TAPS Family members providing potential
solutions to complicated situations.

Based in Charleston, West Virginia, USA
Ghost Watch is composed of members from
diverse professional backgrounds - great
for evidence retrieval and analysis.

Based in Cape Coral, Florida, USA
Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators
of Florida is a non-profit organization
which commenced operations in 2006.


Sociedad de Estudios e Investigaciones
Paranormales is based in Buenos Aires and
provide serious investigations of activity.


Unexplained Australia is a Unexplained/Paranormal Investigations & Research Group based in Port Stephens NSW Australia.

V.P.H. Victorian Phantom Hunters is a new group based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Based in Adelaide South Australia. Ghost Hunts and Spirit Photography are the main areas of interest to PHSA.

P.F.I. are located in Adelaide South Australia and investigate both private and public locations free of charge and with complete confidentiality when required.

Perth Ghost Hunters are a group based in Western Australia who provide free investigations and collect evidence for continuing paranormal research.

OGR based in Melbourne Victoria aims to investigate reports of hauntings and paranormal activity from a scientific standpoint.

Queensland Paranormal Investigators are located in Rochedale South QLD and have been investigating paranomal activity for
a number of years

Based in NSW the group was founded by
Dale Arthur, an ordained Minister but
he doesn't practice as one, now he mainly
works on occult related hauntings.

Based in Australian Capital Territory,
the ACT Paranormal team investigate
reports of ghosts in and around the
Canberra region.

Based in Tasmania A.P.I.U. approach
the paranormal with an open mind and
examine natural factors which may be
perceived as paranormal.

Based in Kallangur Queensland, the
Australian Paranormal Investigators
also have members in other states
as well as overseas.


Formed in 2007 the Israel Paranormal Research Group operates in Israel and attempts to apply scientific methods to
their research.


The Phenomena - Polish Research Group
are based in Torun, Poland and are
keen to research Electronic Voice
Phenomenon and the paranormal.


"Dunia Paranormal" meaning "World of Paranormal" in english was formed in
2007 and research all areas of the paranormal.


Spokportalen is a research group formed in early 2006 and based in Sweeden. They are currently looking for new members to assist in research.

United Kingdom

Alpha Paranormal Investigations is
based in East Sussex, United Kingdom and
use modern methods to research reports
of paranormal activity.

Accredited Affiliates

When an affiliate has worked together with GRI displaying a high level of professionalism and have participated in various ways to promote unity in research they may be considered an "Accredited Affiliate".

They are presented with a custom graphic to place on their website. This graphic is also available in high resolution suitable for offset printing. This serves as an acknowledgement of their integrity and professionalism and signifies that Ghost Research International would recommend them to any client requiring an investigation.

Register as an Affiliate

Applicants should be active on the GRI Forum as this is the main area of communication, including case referrals.


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