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Articles & Resources

This page provides links to articles and resources related to various aspects of paranormal research. Most links will take you relevant areas in the GRI Forum. Although registration is required to enter the forum it will enable you to freely browse, add to and also comment on any posts of interest.

Debunking resources

Pareidolia, Matrixing and Deduction
Article by Mark Stinson of Ghost Vigil Investigations and follow up by GRI.

Reflections and Ghosts - Peppers Ghost
Brief article and demonstration of reflections and relevant links.

Digital Images

Digital Photographs Part 1
Introduction to digital images and understanding resolution and bit depth.


Electromagnetic Fields and YOU! By Spishea of Sonaran Paranormal Investigations


Infrasound Introduction what infrasound is and how it may play a role. Includes a number of relevant links to various sources of further information.


Paranormal Calculator An online calculator/conversion tool for paranormal investigators. Includes calculations for wavelength (sound and EMF), Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Field (Magnetic Flux Density), Resonance and more.


Infrared Strobe Theory By Paul Bradford of Sonaran Paranormal Investigations

Going Dark By Paul Bradford of Sonaran Paranormal Investigations

Running Water Theory By Nathan Roberts of Sonaran Paranormal Investigations


Investigator Safety By Phil Sheridan, Director, Quabbin Valley Paranormal