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This page provides links to areas in the GRI Forum which contain reviews and modifications to various products we've encountered during our research. Although registration is required to enter the forum it will enable you to freely browse and also comment on any posts of interest.

Product Reviews

Data Loggers

Fourier Systems MultiLogPRO
An 8 input portable data logger with a large range of available sensors.
Hioki 3651-20 kit of temp/humidity loggers
An kit of 8 temperature and humidity data loggers.

DVR Cameras

Panasonic WV-CP484 Camera
A high quality surveillance camera - tested with a Bosch LTC3374/20 Vari-Focal Lens.

EMF Meters

Mel-8704 Meter Pro Navigator- A feature packed combined EMF and temperature meter.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR InfraCAM / InfraCAM SD- Still image colour thermal camera
FLIR ThermaCAM E45- Still image/video colour thermal camera
Marconi Argos 2- Black & White thermal video camera
Testo 880-3 V4 Thermal Camera- The 880 Expert kit with inbuilt digital camera.


EMF Meters

KII Meter- Adding a digital meter
KII Meter- Adding a switch
KII Meter- Adding an output jack
TriField Natural EM Meter- Adding a digital meter
Radio Shack Hack- More about the modification of radio shack radios


Car Navigation Systems- POI data related to ghost research may be added to many car navigation products but some can also be "unlocked" so they also operate as a PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant - sometimes called a handheld computer or palmtop computer)

Many of the product reviews shown here have been made possible with the assistance of
suppliers of state-of-the-art scientific monitoring equipment.