Report Activity

If you believe you are experiencing paranormal activity there are a range of options available but regardless which you may choose it is recommended that you start to determine as many facts as possible about what is happening. This will assist in deciding how you wish to proceed.

One way to begin searching for facts is to start a diary and note each event that happens, the time and who was present. This may help identify patterns and could assist later on. It may be worth snapping a few photos if you have a camera handy or even a audio/video recording. It is a natural reaction to be somewhat fearful of activity but by collecting as much information as possible you can become more at ease, begin to understand what is happening and then determine the best course of action. It is extremely rare for any harm to occur from paranormal activity, it is usually the reaction of the witness which poses the highest safety hazard - running in the dark for example. Remember that it's your home and you're in control.

Additional advice can be gained anonymously online via forums such as the GRI Forum which allows for a range of opinions from paranormal researchers around the world, people experiencing activity and the general public with an interest in the paranormal.

If things progress and you wish to have a team attend to see how they may be able to assist you can review the list of GRI affiliate teams to see if there's a team nearby. The TAPS Family Network may also have a team near to you. If searching for a suitable team be wary of anyone asking for money for an investigation and look for a team that seems professional and does not assume such things as "orbs" are paranormal.

The main GRI Team can assist in finding a team nearby, handling initial inquiries via the GRI Forum, analysing images from photo submissions, assisting teams in research and analysis. You can of course request an investigation by the main GRI Team below.

The Main GRI Team

The main GRI team is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and investigations can be requested by completing the ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE. This questionnaire is in PDF format and Adobe Reader is required. Depending on your computer set up this may be completed in your web browser or downloaded (right click the link and select save link as) to your computer and completed. The questionnaire is quite extensive - We are serious about our research and if you, like us, believe it's "time to get serious" about your paranormal activity, please complete as much as possible. If you work your way through and then click the submit button at the base it should email your responses to us, if there's any problem completing this let us know.