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Ghost Products

Here you'll find links to products relating to ghosts all in one place, everything from books to thermal imaging cameras. They are not necessarily recommended by Ghost Research International but are presented here only for your convenience.
Suppliers may supply only to specific regions.
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More information on products, modifications and
product reviews can be found in the online forum

The base of this page contains links to items offered by Ghost Research International

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Ghost Research International - Products

Ghost Research International provides investigations free of charge to site owners. The expense of providing this service is borne by the team, we do however use various methods to obtain additional funds to assist in our endeavours. Proceeds assist in providing funds for further research. We maintain two online shops.

The BOOK SHOP offers full colour hard copies of our investigation
reports and an assortment of other items.

The CAFE PRESS SHOP offers a variety of products including calendars, mugs, shirts and more.

We may list items on Bid, Buy or Sell on eBay! View our eBay Listings

We do accept donations from those wishing to provide support.