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The Team

Team members are selected for their enthusiasm and professional approach to investigations. Their beliefs and areas of talent vary greatly so as to provide the team with a range of skills.

Some team members appear below, however you may see a few more at any particular investigation as we call on probationary members, associates and affiliates to join us as the need arises. Information on becoming a team member appears at the base of this page.

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Darren - Founder GRI

Darren's interest in ghosts was boosted after he encountered an apparition. He cannot state exactly what it was but the encounter which lasted over five minutes set him on a path to discover more.
Having a somewhat analytical mind he spent quite a few years researching the different methods people use to investigate the paranormal before deciding on the approach he wished to adopt - one which is backed by serious scientific data collection and analysis. His background has helped with this and he served as technical and equipment specialist for another group before forming Ghost Research International.
When asked what his aims were with regard to research Darren stated, "My aims would include documenting experiences with enough solid evidence so as to provide a plausible explanation or to justify calling it truly paranormal. On a personal level I suppose I'm hoping that such investigations will also help me find an explanation for my initial encounter which led me on this path."

Kate - Historian / Team Member

Kate's interest in the paranormal was sparked after she went on a 'Ghost Tour' at the Quarantine Station in Manly, New South Wales. She then joined a paranormal research group and conducted a few investigations before joining GRI as an historian/team member.

Kate's experience in researching history and genealogy has proven to be a great asset to the team and she also plays an active role on investigations.


The youngest member of the team, Jacinta has accumulated quite an extensive skill set for paranormal research. Being involved with GRI since it's formation, Jacinta also worked in another research team beforehand and has played an active part in set-up and monitoring of many investigations.

Her age, logical thought and communication skills make her well suited to relating to the experiences of the younger witnesses of paranormal activity.


Shane believes there are just too many unanswered questions on the subject of ghosts. There are so many mysteries that mankind has already solved throughout history, but clearly there must be more to be discovered through proper study and research. Whatever the eventual answer may be, the truth lies hidden in what we currently call the unknown.

Having a background that has included being a director of a multi-national company he takes what he does seriously and like the GRI motto states, he believes it's "time to get serious" about the phenomenon of ghosts.


Christine's interest in the paranormal or spiritual world began when she was a child. The thought of whether it was her imagination or whether there was actually ghosts after a child hood encounter had puzzled her though out her life. Curiosity got the better of her when she re married and discovered that her new family also had experienced weird events and was also curious on whether Ghosts exist or whether there is a scientific reason for these experiences. She figures that joining a research group such as GRI will be the best way to getting any truths from a scientific view point to prove one way or another. Her aim is to, "investigate the paranormal in a scientific manner, to determine whether there is truth to the theories about ghost reports or whether it is a fact that they do exist."
Christine brings to the team her extensive background in marketing and promotion and plays an active part during investigations.


Brad has always had a keen interest in the paranormal, starting from his days at an old farm house when he was a child. "Every one use to say certain things about it. By the time I was old enough to investigate the house, the property was sold and the new owners had pulled the old house down. I had developed a keen interest in the paranormal and this led to some friends and I going on numerous tours and trying to find places to investigate ourselves."
Brad's continuing interest in the paranormal led him to join the GRI team in 2007. His aim is to experience as much as possible within the paranormal realm and to collect, collate and document as much of the paranormal as possible.

Liaison Officers

Liaison Officers, whilst usually not full team members, play an important role in keeping us up to date with locations, news and events and may be called upon to make enquiries into prospective GRI activities in their respective areas.

Lee - Canberra (ACT) Liaison Officer

Lee has been interested in the paranormal since she was a girl. Her visits
to Alcatraz Prison, Monte Cristo Homestead Junee, Old Melbourne Jail, Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, and Old Parliament House Canberra have only increased her interest in hauntings and spirits. Lee is a historian who takes great pleasure in reseaching old buildings and architecture, including the history of the people who were once attached to them. Since seeing her first ghost materialise a number of years back, she has been keen to find out as much as possible about the spirit world. Lee enjoys spirit photography but tries to keep an open scientific mind to all things. She is also part of a small group of like minded people who meet regularly in Canberra.

Honorary Members

Our special friends with an avid interest in our research who we feel are worthy of bestowing an honorary team position.

Katelyn Rose - Birmingham Alabama USA

When we first heard about Katelyn Rose she was a huge fan of TAPS and always watched the show "Ghosthunters" from her hospital bed where she was being treated for leukemia.

Many consider spending time in reputedly haunted locations to be courageous, but that pales in comparison to the bravery displayed by Katelyn during her treatment, it impressed us so much that we made Katelyn an honorary member of the GRI Team.

View Katelyn's web page at Caring Bridge and her video at One True Media.

Please consider giving to Katelyn's fund raising effort for the American Cancer Society.

Like to become a team member?

If you think the team would benefit by having you on board, details on how to apply as a team member/area liaison/special advisor can be found in the Public Forum.