Visitor's Photos

Here are some photos submitted to us that we thought visitors may be interested in viewing. We make no claims regarding these although we may include comments where possible, it is up to the viewer to ultimately decide what they believe appears on the image. More photos can viewed, discussed and displayed on our Forum.

Our photograph analysis section includes members with over 28 years experience in electronic prepress, photographic reproduction and digital imaging. To submit images: If hosted elsewhere (eg. photobucket or similar) they can be posted on our Forum, alternatively photos may be submitted using the photo submission form. We can't respond to all images but we'll certainly try!

If pictures are rated we use the same rating criteria we use for our own images - most images here would have to be labelled "inconclusive" which basically means there are possible natural causes which cannot be fully eliminated or that there is insufficient information to enable a conclusion to be reached. With this stance it is possible that some true paranormal events may be discarded on the fact that they could be something else, but for an event to be regarded as truely solid evidence it does demand collaborating data and that all other possibilities be considered. Ultimately it does come down to the viewers opinion - What do you think?