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Ghost Videos

This page contains videos from various sites around the net, brought together here for viewing from one convenient location. Ghost Research International does not put forth any opinion on these clips, but presents them here for you to make your own judgement.

Don't forget to check out GRI-TV our 24/7 live stream for additional clips, live shows and special screenings

The clips below are freely available on the internet and no responsibility is accepted for their content or use - should there be any issues regarding them please contact the person posting them online, which can usually be discovered by clicking on them. Should there be any objection to links to these clips appearing on this page please contact us.

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Some videos from Ghost Research International can be found on our YouTube page as well as in the investigations section of this website.

More videos can be viewed by members of the GRI Forum. Membership is free - click the link to join and watch videos and documentaries on ghosts and hauntings.

Other links to videos: Monte Cristo

If you'd like to purchase videos here are a few links for video on demand sources.